Taking the Next Step Together — With Our New Name


I am excited to let you know about some changes that our team has been working on that represent us combining your feedback with our best efforts to move our organization forward. 

Our company, Cheyenne Mountain Software, will now be known as Motient (pronounced moh-shunt, in case you’re wondering). Mission Control, the product most of you know, will remain the same. I’d love to tell you more about why we’ve made this shift and why we’re excited about it — and why we want you to be, too. 

As part of the change, we have a new name and a new logo, but those elements are only part of what a brand is. Our brand is a promise to you. This promise is to help all of you to harness the power of patient movement. When it comes to moving patients, we want to bring simplicity to what can be, at times, a complicated process. We want to give you tools to help you to be proactive instead of reactive in situations that can turn in an instant. You need data and tools that create sustainability in moving patients and sustainability overall in your organization or system. Our new brand better represents this promise.  

We will continue to empower you with transformational, system-changing solutions so you — as healthcare, data, quality, and medical professionals — can do what you do best.  

In terms of how you work with us today, everything will stay the same, except for our home website and email addresses, which will now come from motient.io. Regarding Mission Control, in particular, you don’t need to change or do anything different. 

To learn more about this change and to help us to stay connected, here are a few things you can do: 

  • Visit and bookmark our new website and be on the lookout for exciting updates, like blogs, white papers, and other thought leadership materials 

  • Keep an eye out for our new social media pages 

  • Add communications from motient.io to your contacts so we don’t go to the dreaded Spam folder 

We’re thrilled to share this journey with you as we embark on this next step, and we are grateful for your continued support. As always, please feel welcome to respond directly to this email or contact us with feedback here

What can we accomplish, together, when we harness the power of patient movement? Let’s find out.  


Dallan Huff 
President, Motient 

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